How two-step authentication in custom Preference Center improved data quality for this Non-Profit Client

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Client has a scratch marketing cloud org which they want to start using with the launch of their new website. They want to create a dedicated portal from where the advocates can fill in their information and perform various calls-to-action. Along with being a source of information for the advocates regarding new acts being brought to the assembly, the team wants to encourage people to take direct action towards those acts. They want to send timely updates to the subscribers about various issues along with calls-to-actions to call or message their legislative representatives. 

The objective of the team was to create a landing page which would be the source for their subscribers to be able to maintain their subscriptions, in terms of the issue areas they are interested in. This page would also be instrumental in keeping their contact information up-to-date. Additionally, they also wanted to use the page for consent management. Even though the client wanted their advocates to be able to edit their preferences and attributes any time, they also wanted to make sure that wrong information is not stored in Marketing Cloud or Salescloud. They were looking for a solution to manage their database and keep it clean.   


Since the requirements of the team sound similar to a preference and profile center that comes out of the box in Marketing Cloud but along with a few additional requirements, we suggested them a custom subscription center. This subscription center would include the profile center aspect, where the subscribers would be able to update or provide their personal information. Apart from that, we would also build the subscription center inclusive of consent management on the same page.  

The most exciting and challenging part of the requirement provided by them was the management of information being input by their advocates. We suggested a two-step authentication process for this. Even though the advocates would be editing their profile information via the profile center, the final say would still reside with the admin. This precautionary step was added to the process of information gathering to guarantee that no unauthorized personnel is altering the information stored in Salescloud. Additionally, this would also make sure that the information is devoid of any spelling errors or duplication.   

A novel solution was developed for this requirement presented by the business. We decided to send an email to the admin with the changes made by the subscribers. This email consists of an “Approve” button. When the changes are free of any errors, the admin simply clicks on “Approve” and the details are updated directly to Salescloud which is the source of truth. If the admin chooses not to approve, they can go in and manually make those updates to the subscribers’ data. The data is also made available in Marketing Cloud in real-time through automation that was developed by the team. 

Now, the task of syncing the information between the two clouds arises. We wanted all the updates and consents to be reflected in Marketing Cloud once they are approved by the admin. For this, a consent sync automation was built in the Marketing Cloud org. These sets of automations would make sure that any changes made in the Salescloud are reflected in Marketing Cloud and vice-versa. 


The Client is a nonpartisan organization that works towards amplifying the voice of people and minimizing injustice. The organization works through social welfare, public service, political advocacy and social impact services. They connect the citizens to their elected legislative members through various channels so as to bring to light their concerns.  


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