SFMC Email Specialist Certification Practice Exam

Embark on your journey to becoming a certified Email Specialist with our mock test. Crafted to reflect the actual exam, this test covers email design, automation, deliverability, and more.


  • The SFMC Email Specialist certification is a testament to your expertise in email marketing. Our mock test is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the real exam.


  • Over 90 multiple-choice questions focused on email best practices.
  • Timed test to give you a genuine exam experience.
  • Instant feedback on your answers.
  • Thorough explanations for each question.

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Dhavan wants to send a newsletter to List A but later realized that he wants to send to List B. Some of the subscribers on List A also exist on List B and he doesn't want to send the same email twice. What Should Dhavan do?

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A developer at Genetrix wants to share content with other business units. What is the maximum number of business units he can share with?

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Khan, a developer at Genetrix, wants to know the total number of times subscribers open an email. Which option in Email Studio Tracking Tab will give Khan this information?

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Which of these options can be used to create or modify emails with similar content?

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Once you have sent an email message, you cannot update the links inside the email.

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A consultant at Genetrix wants to carry out A/B testing in an email. Which elements can the consultant test using the out-of-the-box A/B Testing in Email Studio? (Choose 2)

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You can test send emails based on multiple content personalization options. Which ones CANNOT be used? (Choose two)

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After you've created an email in content builder, you can send it immediately or schedule the email to be sent later in content builder.

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A marketer at Genetrix wants to Create LINE Carousel Messages in Content Builder. What is the maximum number of characters the marketer can use?

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Which SAP feature assigns a domain used to send email?

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Which of these is not a transactional email?

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Mark, an email developer at Genetrix, wants to upload assets to his local folder. What is the maximum number of assets mark can store in the local Folder?

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Which of these are NOT true about a journey version? (Choose two)

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After creating a smart capture form in email studio, can the form be used as an entry event in Journey Builder?

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Robert, a developer at Genetrix, wants to create random data extensions by splitting the standard data extension. How many random data extensions can Robert create at a go?

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Which journey status represents a fully editable version that has not been activated. There are no active customers running through or waiting in it.

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Can a subscriber who has been unsubscribed-on lists and groups still be active on all subscribers lists?

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Three of the following are used for personalizing content in content builder which one is not?

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Suppression lists mostly include these address types, except?

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Marie, a marketer at Genetrix, wants to test a subject line in three different emails in journey builder, how will she be able to accomplish this?

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Pria imports records into a data extension, the import creates records for primary keys that do not exist in the data extension and ignores records whose primary keys exist. Which import type is Pria using?

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Which mapping updates the first column in the data extension with the first column in the import file, the second column with the second column, and so on.

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Which of the following is not a data extension error message when creating and configuring data extension in marketing cloud?

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Which of these operators is used in preference attributes?

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Samir, a Developer at Genetrix, wants to create a sendlog data extension. Listed are best practices Samir can follow to create a sendlog DE which one is not?

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Web Collect is Email Studio's sign-up form functionality that allows your subscribers to subscribe, provide attribute information, or unsubscribe from your communications on your website. Which information is required to successfully set up web collect? (Choose two)

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Which data view should one query to view complaints data related to emails from your Marketing Cloud account?

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Lodi wants to build an import activity in marketing cloud. Which of these should Lodi NOT take into consideration while building an import file activity? (Choose two)

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Which of these file types cannot be unzipped?

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Server-side JavaScript can be used to perform the following actions inside an automation except?

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Ana wants to create a file location in Marketing Cloud. Where can Ana navigate to perform these actions in Marketing Cloud?

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Which of these is not a journey builder entry source?

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The CAN-SPAM Act mandates that Commercial emails, focused on delivering commercial content as their primary purpose, must adhere to the following criteria except. (choose two)

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In email marketing, permission refers to contacting only those who have explicitly agreed to receive messages. This ensures they know your brand, are interested in your content, and accept your communication frequency. Given the importance of permission in email marketing, which aspect is not supported by the reasons mentioned?

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Ishu, a marketer at Genetrix, wants to increase opt-ins for their brand, gain more customers, and target them with personalized newsletters, marketing their products. Choose three options through which Ishu can obtain consent from contacts

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Which tenant type includes a single top-level account with one MID?

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Can one view forwards of an email in marketing cloud?

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When writing SQL queries, data quantity and retention play crucial roles in enhancing query performance. Choose two methods for improving query performance that are dependent on data quantity and retention.

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In the journey history tab, you can display all these columns except?

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A subscriber key is a text field that contains a value that uniquely identifies a subscriber in your Marketing Cloud account. The system uses this value to determine? (Choose two).

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You can view the journey history for a maximum of the last how many days?

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The marketing cloud system tracks conversion based on the following except?

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Which Einstein uses text analytics and natural language processing to analyze the text from commercial email subject lines to uncover language insights?

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Under which tab are attribute groups in contact builder created?

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In Email Studio's data extension, can you edit records inside the data extension, i.e., add/delete a record?

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In building a journey it is always good to set a goal, not just a goal but a high-level goal. Which of these is not a good goal to set?

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Which of these is not an automation activity in automation studio? (choose two)

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Saad, a developer at Genetrix, wants to optimize a query that takes more than 30 minutes. What should Saad do to improve his query performance? (Choose two)

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Which journey builder activity sends a contact down one of two paths depending on their interaction with a message?

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Which automation studio starting source starts an automation when a file is uploaded to an external location, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud?

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How can one avoid spam traps in email marketing? (Choose two)

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Listed below are ways to improve automation health except?

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Grooming data before creating a journey is crucial before you build any journey. choose two ways in which you can maximize this process.

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Which of these statements are true about contact data in journey builder? (Choose two)

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Which of these is not a consideration in exit criteria

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Genetrix Technology is contemplating acquiring a dedicated IP. As a consultant, you're evaluating the implications of using a dedicated IP to determine whether utilizing one or multiple IPs is the optimal choice. Which of these is not a consideration of using a dedicated?

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Which Ampscript function is used to Lookup multiple column values from a single row?

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Which one is not a Journey Builder Sales and Service Cloud Best Practice?

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In marketing cloud setup where can one enable and integrate google analytics for his/her account?

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Choose three multifactor authentication methods that can be used in marketing cloud.

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