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Dive into our comprehensive mock test designed for aspiring SFMC Consultants. This test simulates the real certification exam, helping you gauge your readiness and identify areas of improvement.


  • Preparing for the SFMC Consultant certification? Our mock test is tailored to help you get a feel for the real exam. With questions curated by industry experts, you can be sure to test your knowledge on all relevant topics.


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Marketing Cloud is divided in four primary groups: Messaging and Automation, Data and Advertising, Social Media, and Measurement and Analytics. Which of the following are not the part of MC Messaging and Automation

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Journey Builder lets you map out the customer journey and adjust the customer's path based on behavior and allows marketers to orchestrate interactions across different channels and touchpoints?

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What can we use to identify each single Core account, top-level Enterprise or Enterprise 2.0 accounts, Agency account, and any associated child accounts?

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Marketing Cloud product we can use to visualize AI-powered real-time insights and create actionable reports across channels and campaigns to drive ROI is:

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A customer plans to configure multiple business units (BU) to support the digital marketing efforts of five international offices. Which reason warrants this implementation?

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When we are talking about API development, SQL, system integrations, email coding, audience segmentation, filtering and creating customer views, we are talking about which Task Group?

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Salesforce supports several different types of objects. There are standard objects, custom objects, external objects, platform events, and BigObjects. Select common business objects that are Salesforce standard objects (choose three):

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A customer has an eCommerce site and imports data into three data extensions daily: Orders, Order_Details, and Products. The data extensions contain the following information:
- Orders: OrderId, CustomerId, OrderNumber, OrderDate, OrderTotal, GrandTotal
- Order_Details: ProductId, OrderId, Qty, UnitPrice, ExtendedPrice, Discount
- Products: ProductId, SKU, Name, Description, Cost, Price
Which two actions should be taken in Data Designer? Choose 2 answers:

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A customer is developing a new eCommerce section of their website and plans to leverage transactional data in customer journeys. Which two Marketing Cloud features will support this effort? Choose 2 answers:

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What is the capability of the Import within Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers:

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A consultant is configuring Marketing Cloud Connect in Marketing Cloud. The customer requires that integrated users only have access to Sales Cloud data visible to them in their Salesforce account. How would the consultant ensure that this requirement is met?

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Can multiple Sales or Service Cloud Orgs be connected to one Marketing Cloud account?

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A customer wants to implement a Welcome email. New subscribers signing up on their website should receive the email promptly. They are utilizing Marketing Cloud Connect to connect Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Which solution should capture the new subscribers?

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A customer wants to perform an email send to a subset of a Synchronized Data Extension referencing Sales Cloud custom object data and return tracking to Sales Cloud. What approaches are not recommended? (Choose two.)

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A customer wants to send a welcome email to Contacts when a Contact record is added as a Campaign Member to a 'Loyalty Member' Campaign in Sales Cloud. Which method should they use to send the email from Marketing Cloud?

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By default, each Marketing Cloud instance is configured as a Multi-Org.

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Marketing Cloud licenses are only required for Distributed Marketing Cloud system users.

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Which of the following is not supported for Marketing Cloud Connect features?

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Who is the person that can access Marketing Cloud Connect functionality in the Sales or Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or both?

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Which integration provides insight into customer engagement behavior with a single view of a contact or lead?

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Multi-Org requires a new or separate installation of Marketing Cloud Connect.

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You can push tracking data from the Marketing Cloud back to your Sales or Service Cloud orgs using:

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A Marketing Cloud administrator is asked by the Legal Team to automatically process certain keywords (such as “Unsubscribe”) when received as a reply to an email send, and to remove the Out of Office replies to help the team better interact with customer responses. Which functionality should they use?

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A Marketing Cloud admin has created some profile attributes, but doesn’t want the customer to see them in the profile center. How should the attributes be configured?

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A customer is adding Mobile Studio to its marketing tools. Currently, NTO uses Email Studio and Journey Builder to send email messages. They are using a unique alphanumeric as the Subscriber Key in Email Studio. What should the administrator do to prevent duplicates across all Marketing Cloud channels?

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Reply Mail Management addresses automated replies produced by nearly all email software in use today. Which percentage of auto-replies RMM handles?

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Custom Domain for CloudPages SAP feature modifies view-as-a-webpage, link and image wrapping, and removes all references to Marketing Cloud in favor of your custom authenticated domain?

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Sending a minimum of X email messages per month is required for keeping a dedicated IP ramped up from a reputation perspective.

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Which MobileStudio feature allows us to send surveys in order to receive the opinion of customers regarding their preferences?

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Client assigns a 15-digit integer as their OrderID which will be used as the primary key of a DE. The import file contains leading zeroes, but the client does not want to include them in the final values. Which data type should they use for the Order ID field?

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A customer will provide a single daily file on the Marketing Cloud SFTP at 3 AM and needs an alert if the file is not present on time. The file needs to be imported into a staging data extension and separated into two different data extensions. Which workflow should meet these requirements?

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What storage model should be used if a subscriber has more than one value for an attribute?

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A customer team wants to retarget subscribers who click on links of key items promoted across email campaigns. The customer has indicated the following:
- Emails will be built using a custom dynamic template for these messages.
- Links will vary over time and across campaigns.
- Click activity will be cross-referenced with subscribers' regional markets on a master subscriber data extension.
- Retargeting messages will dynamically populate content based on regional markets.
In order for this solution to be viable, which skill set does the customer team need to possess?

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What are two possible outcomes when "Send as Multipart MIME" is selected during the send process? Choose 2 answers:

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A customer is interested in designing a solution to ensure that subscribers only receive categories of emails that they want to receive. The built-in subscription center will be used as part of the solution. Which feature should be utilized to make this happen?

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A customer wants to perform an email send to a subset of a Synchronized Data Extension filtered on custom object data and return tracking to the Sales Cloud. What approach should the consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers:

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Which statement is correct regarding tracking aliases? Choose 2 answers:

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A customer would like to store financial data related to invoicing in its data extensions. Which field type should be used?

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A publishing company has presented the following:
- A need to send renewal reminders to customers whose subscriptions expire in 15 days and 7 days.
- A campaign needs to be created and managed by a general marketing user who will not have administrative rights and who is not technical.
- The customer's expiration date is included in the data file.
What component should the customer's solution include? Choose 3 answers:

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Configuring an attribute group can let you use current, updated contact-driven data in your journey activities.

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A daily deal website is concerned with their sender reputation and needs consistent visibility into subscribers who report their email as spam. How can they determine which subscribers reported their email as spam so they can flag those records in their customer service database?

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Which of the following is not considered as the Salesforce Data Model key?

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If using Marketing Cloud Connect, it is best practice to use the Lead or Contact ID as the contact key, to automatically sync with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data and have a consistent identifier across all clouds.

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How long do Data Views store data?

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What is the cardinality for connecting a customer data extension to a purchases data extension, where each customer can have multiple purchases?

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Data Views fields can be customized.

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The least performant option for writing data into the DE that can significantly extend your query time is:

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There are few ways of getting data into the Marketing Cloud. Select activities that cannot be automated:

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When you import an encrypted file from an external FTP, why are two File Transfer activities needed?

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Which one is not an unsubscription level under Marketing Cloud?

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What two data models are available in Marketing Cloud?

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In which folder you can find Data Extensions that are shared across different Business Units?

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The best practice is to add all required fields to Send Log DE when creating it, to collect all historical data. Which of the following are not required, but can be added as custom fields in Send Log DE?

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If a subscriber is unsubscribed from the All Subscribers list, the subscriber is unsubscribed from all Publication lists automatically.

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What are the different email sending options in Email Studio? Choose three:

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When sending messages to mobile numbers within a specific country, use:

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Which of the following is not MobileConnect send status?

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Which one supports Facebook Messenger?

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Which feature protects deliverability by identifying bad or flagged email addresses and prevents sending the email message, so the send doesn’t appear in your tracking?

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If you are doing A/B Testing on more than 50000 subscribers, it is recommended sending to X% per each condition.

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