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One of a kind of service where we grow with you. You will not have to sign a big contract or SOW. Genetrix bill you only when a support ticket was created by yourside and was resolved by our side. Keep on reading to understand the process.

process we follow


Create a support request with us, or send us an email to have us create the request


Make sure to include the details on the kind of support you require, so we can assign an expert accordingly.


Do set priority on the request.


Our team update the support request with the estimated hours and ETA.


We send you a calendar invite, if a call is needed or if it’s requested on the support request.


We keep you posted with the progress. Expect an update every 24 hours.


Once resolved, we close the support request with your approval.

Customer Testimony

“The services provided by SFMC have been path breaking in terms of their efficiency and usability, providing an integral and easy to use interface. Genetrix Technology, apart from providing SFMC development solutions, also provide brands with support with their SFMC orgs”

– Alex, University of Cumbria

Although we are keen to take up any challenges presented to us by our clients, we have expertise in the following support services:

Our Services

We are keen to take up any challenges presented to us by our clients

Journey Builder Support

Journeys are the most crucial part of a marketing campaign since they lead the subscribers through a customized pathway from the moment they associate themselves with a brand. During creation and customization of journeys, there might be a few challenges- whether they be regarding the data models that retain the subscriber information, or creating activities with the use of JavaScript or SQL.

The developers and consultants at Genetrix Technology provide their support to the clients and help them achieve desired success with their campaigns.

Email Send Support

SFMC has the provision of creating and deploying various types of emails. Clients in need of support with creation of personalized emails using APMScript, HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Personalized emails forge a bond between the brand and the customer, making it a necessity to invest resources and time in emails.

Additionally, Genetrix Technology developers and consultants analyze the reports of email send activities and help develop strategies for better email marketing campaigns.
Marketing Cloud Certifications training

Marketing Cloud Administration

Genetrix Technology helps the brands maintain their SFMC org by defining the roles and processes and manage data.

To get the most out of an SFMC account, the administrator needs to specify and manage custom roles to users catering to their specific needs, maintain different apps that are connected to SFMC as well as build various reports and workflows. Better administration of Marketing Cloud org makes the work of other users more efficient.

Marketing Cloud Account Audit

Audits are an important step when identifying and solving issues that are occurring in an SFMC account. Audits need to be carried on timely basis to keep the SFMC Account clutter free and running without bugs. Audits are done on Journeys, Automations and Integrations, Data Architecture, Content, Users and Setup.

Consultants at Genetrix Technology help you make the best use of your SFMC by keeping it updated and effective.

User management

All companies and brands are run by a team of people. The same goes for SFMC of a particular brand. A number of people are behind the running of each SFMC org. These are the different users that are responsible for different roles in SFMC. Genetrix Technology helps creates custom profiles for different users in order for them to have specific access.

Assigning of unique roles, profiles and data access leads to improvement in the efficiency of the brands marketing team as well as the SFMC org.

User handholding

We, at Genetrix Technology, believe that efficiency comes with experience. We help our clients- who are the end users- gain this experience and confidence of working on their SFMC org in the long run.

We provide solutions and support services to their current challenges so that they can successfully run their SFMC accounts for a long time to come.

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