Marketing Cloud Configuration Services

We at Genetrix Technology are experts at Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). With the help of SFMC, we create magic for our clients. SFMC offers a bunch of specialized services and Genetrix Technology helps you, our clients, decode these services and make them work for you. We specialize in building Customer Journeys, Email send management and MobileConnect Configuration. Let us give you a brief on these, to familiarize you with these concepts.

Journey Build

Communications with customers are one of the most important aspects of marketing for any brand. And, personalized communications (emails, SMS, push notifications) are a bankable way to do it.

AMPScript is the language that SFMC utilizes for this task to create dynamic and customized emails and mobile messages. Landing pages, cloud pages or microsites developed in SFMC also require AMPScript coding. The developers at Genetrix Technology are experts at writing these codes and letting them do their magic.

Email Send Management

Emails form an integral part of any major marketing campaign. Managing these emails, in terms of their quality(and quantity) is a task that takes a team of professionals.

We, at Genetrix Technology, help your marketing teams by sharing this responsibility aided by our experience and expertise. Different types of transactional and commercial emails can be customized keeping in mind the brand, the customers and their relationship with each other.

MobileConnect Configuration

Keeping in touch with customers via cellular services, SMS and MMS is an important aspect we can help you configure.

We assist you in sending well curated, efficient and effective transactional as well as commercial messages via mobile phones to customers. This eventually leads to improvement in the customer-brand relationship.

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