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Explore a range of ready-to-deploy packages with our Marketing Cloud Accelerator, each tailored to elevate different aspects of your marketing strategy. From enhancing customer engagement to streamlining campaign management, our suite of Accelerator offers diverse and effective tools. These tools are designed to enrich customer interactions, optimize campaign outcomes, and provide insightful analytics for strategic decision-making. Embrace an innovative approach to marketing with our Accelerator suite, empowering your business with the agility and precision needed in the fast-paced digital world.

Genetrix Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accelerators integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, offering innovative features like data synchronization, custom profile management, and comprehensive analytics. Tailored for efficiency, they simplify contact management, enhance lead scoring, or provide industry-specific email templates for targeted campaigns as per your needs.

Let our Accelerators take care of the technicalities while you handle the business!

Industry Specific Data Model

In marketing, data is king and with our Data Model plug-in, you can leave the responsibility of designing a model according to your industry. This will eliminate the need for an architect to be on board for an extended period by providing a ready-to-use, high-functioning data model. 

  • Industry-specific data model
  • Automation and Data Extensions included
  • Data Attributes and Filtered Audiences, Data Relationship 

Consent Syncing Automation

The consent of subscribers is a key data point that needs to be up to date when sending them any communication. This can be a technical nightmare when there is a considerable number of subscribers, and many campaigns are being deployed by the sales and marketing teams. To keep both teams on the same page, Genetrix provides a plug-in to make this process hassle-free!

  • Bi-directional synchronization established
  • Automations and Journey to synchronize consent between SFSC and SFMC
  • Real-time synchronization

Custom Subscription and Preference Center

Tailoring communications according to the requirements of subscribers is a guaranteed way of keeping them happy and engaged. To obtain their preferences and consent, we provide the Subscription Center Plug-in. This will help you gather information from your subscribers easily and efficiently. 

  • Subscriber facing CloudPage to obtain preference and consent
  • Management of subscription
  • Subscriber profile completion in SFSC and SFMC
  • Automation to synchronize data 
  • Optional feature of “Snooze Communication” for subscribers to reduce unsubscribes

360-view Campaign Report

Every successful marketer needs to analyze their campaigns after they have been deployed to their subscriber base. To make this process faster and easier, Genetrix Report Plug-in provides marketers with all the campaign insights on their fingertips. 

  • Marge Lead and Account Record data in a single profile
  • Include SMS sends 
  • Include Journey Information
  • Include data older than 6 months
  • CloudPage Dashboard to make the data analysis process dynamic

Contact Care Package

We are all aware of the fact that subscribers and management of the subscriber database is a time-consuming task. To help out all the marketers, we present the Contact Care Plug-in which will take care of the subscribers in SFMC. 

  • Duplicate record deletion 
  • Converted Lead deletion 
  • Dead/Bounce Subscriber management
  • Unengaged Contacts
  • Alert when Contact Limit Reached 

Lead / Subscriber Engagement Scoring Mechanism

Scoring subscribers can help marketers identify the engagement of their audience and add them to campaigns accordingly in the future. To make this process handy, Genetrix introduces the Subscriber Scoring Plug-in.

  • Subscriber engagement is calculated based on opens and clicks
  • Subscriber Dashboard in SFMC CloudPage

Subscriber Key Migration

Subscriber key migration is carried out in cases where the subscriber key of the records existing in SFMC is allotted new subscriber keys. This is done mostly in the case when record duplication or when a unique identifier needs to be implemented across all SFMC channels. 

  • Automations to migrate Subscriber keys 
  • Historical reports created for the deleted records
  • Allow you to import lists without having a salesforce ID

IP/Domain Warm up

IP/Domain warmup is done to establish or improve (in the case of older IPs/Domains) the IP/Domain reputation. This process requires 15-30 days depending on the number of subscribers. The IP Warmup Plug-in helps marketers by creating the audiences and journeys required for this process. 

  • Audiences for the Warmup based on historical engagement
  • Journeys for campaign deployment
  • Optional- Post IP-Warmup reporting

Ready-to-use Email templates

Effortlessly transform your email concepts into reality with our service. We specialize in creating responsive, visually appealing email templates for diverse industries like healthcare and finance, tailored to meet your unique needs. Our Email templates ensure your emails look great and function perfectly across all devices, enhancing engagement with your subscribers.

  • SFMC
  • Pardot

Build Complete 360-view Campaign Reporting with historical data in the Marketing Cloud and/ or Sales Cloud.

  • Marge Lead and Account Record data in a single profile
  • Include SMS 
  • Include Journey Information 
  • Include more than 6 months of data

Super-charge your creative process today.

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