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Implementation & Configuration

We assist companies derive the most from technology. All the requirements regarding Marketing Cloud AppExchange Apps development, Amp Email development and implementation are taken care of by our experts. Our team helps companies configure Salesforce platforms to its optimum benefits.

Customer Journeys

Each company is unique, and so are their requirements. We believe in building unique solutions for each company and their clientele via Custom Journeys. Our Salesforce experts analyze the data and build customized pathways for maximum customer engagement.

Technical Architecture

Expert architects at Genetrix help design the data models and provide strategic solutions for Saleforce implementation. We identify the most optimal route for a business in terms of technology implementation and process integration.

SFMC Custom Solutions

We believe in providing each company the best of our services. When out-of-the-box solutions fall short, we pave our own path. We expertise in Appexchange App Development, Cloud Pages Development, Custom Profile and Preference Center Development and creating effective Marketing Cloud Surveys.

Marketing Cloud Support Services

We provide extensive expert support in all the aspects of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Any hurdles faced by the marketing teams in realms of Journey Builder, Automation Studio, Amp email Development or Application development can be solved by our Saleforce Marketing Cloud Experts. We also provide support to our clients by recruitment consuting.

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Ever wondered why you even bought a piece of software in the first place? 🤔

Technology must work for you, not make your life harder. We’re here to turn ROI from an abbreviaton to reality – make your Marketing Cloud pay for itself. End-to-end consulting, implementation and customization. We tailor the software to your needs, not change your needs according to software capabilities.

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