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Implementation & Configuration

Sometimes you just need your existing technology to work harder for you. Before making the decision to buy and implement new tech, we make sure what you already have is tuned for optimum performance and ease-of-use.

Customer Journeys

We help you build tested Marketing Cloud Journey which does convert using the data as leverage. Optimizes messages in real time, based on each customer’s unique actions

Technical Architecture

We are email experts from design, deployment and operations to systems architecture and analytics. But the thing I appreciate most is that they get it and they’re easy to work with.

Marketing Strategy

Identify the right actions to take

After seeing the great results from this first data consolidation project, we quickly realized the value that Genetrix could provide, not only to our digital marketing efforts, but to our overall marketing plan.

Technology Consulting

Tools to propel you forward

These days, businesses have more to worry about than getting their messages past the spam filter. They also have legal compliance issues and consumer privacy protections to contend with. We’ll help you with:

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