Shilpa G.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

She is responsible for managing the implementation of Exact Target/Marketing Cloud for a large enterprise, encompassing multiple business units. His role involves writing SQL queries and Amp Script logic and utilizing available assets to construct and deploy email campaigns. He collaborates with various teams to gather data and integrate it with the marketing cloud, employing internal comet requests to ensure the filtered data is injected into the platform on a scheduled basis.

In his capacity, he deploys emails strategically to convert prospects into clients, providing daily reports to the data analysis team as part of his responsibilities. He also takes charge of launching campaigns at the financial service cloud level, creating dynamic data extensions and establishing them as API Entry events. Furthermore, he creates sender profiles, delivery profiles, and send classifications to ensure efficient email transmission.

He is well-versed in working with Marketing Cloud Connect, Data Stream, query writing, data extensions, and AMP Script. He demonstrates his proficiency by developing various email templates to implement dynamic email marketing programs utilizing AMP Script, HTML, and CSS. He diligently monitors and manages the integration of the marketing cloud with diverse data sources and systems.

Creating microsites using Exact Target and automating their publication is another aspect of his role. He assumes responsibility for campaign setup and deployment across email, display, and mobile push channels. He meticulously monitors campaigns post-deployment to validate their completion, ensuring the desired outcomes are achieved.

With extensive experience using Journey Builder, Automation Studio, and Contact Builder, he successfully runs over 250 different campaigns. He leverages AMP Script to enable dynamic content management and personalization, contributing to enhanced user experiences. Furthermore, he effectively coordinates day-to-day email operations, including audience building, segmentation, and the creation of automated campaigns.

He utilizes Exact Target to send emails and diligently tracks campaign results and efficacy. Leveraging existing email templates, he consistently creates new email campaigns to engage recipients. He takes pride in maintaining a dynamic email program, collaborating with clients to ensure the delivery of relevant and impactful messages to email subscribers.

A key aspect of his role involves delivering personalized and coherent online experiences, encompassing targeted content and promotions. He demonstrates his analytical prowess by overseeing the development, update, and distribution of weekly reports, effectively summarizing and interpreting data to provide valuable insights.

In addition, he handles data extensions, profile management, and subscriber data extensions with finesse. Triggered email campaigns fall within his purview, encompassing design, HTML coding, Amp script, email scheduling, and deployment. With his expertise and attention to detail, he ensures the seamless execution of email marketing initiatives.

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