How Hapi Guest for Marketing Cloud App improved data model creation in client org for Hapi Cloud

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About Hapi Cloud

Hapi was started in 2016 with the idea to revolutionize the hospitality industry. They provide end-to-end integration for their partners which helps them curate a 360-degree view of their guests. They provide time and cost-effective solutions which limit the dependence of hotels on different vendors and developers. Now, Hapi caters to the requirements of hundreds of hospitality and technology partners all over the world.

Phase I
Designing the App

We started Phase I with the building out of the initial story board about how we envisioned the app to look like. The data model hierarchy and its components were researched on. By the end of Phase I, we had the app with the following features:

  • An easy to install app package was developed
  • One-click set up of complicated data models in a client’s marketing cloud org
  • One-click creation of complicated SQL Queries and Automations
  • User friendly and interactive interface

Phase II
Kicking it up a notch

Screenshot of Hapi Admin Portal

The successful completion of Phase-I brought with it a ton of creative new features that were proposed by the Genetrix Technology team to be added to the Hapi Guest for Marketing Cloud App. Since, the App was already successfully creating the data models and their associated automations in the Hapi Org, we decided to kick it up a notch. We decided to provide the users with the option to not only build their whole data model, but also to modify it as and  when they wished. Additionally, a separate Admin Portal was developed for the internal team of Hapi where they would have the facilities of creating new  data hierarchies along with keeping the tabs on the changes made in the existing structures.

By the end of Phase II, we have the app with the following features:

  • Arrangement to modify existing assets leading to enhanced flexibility of data model
  • Provision of creating complicated custom data structures through the app in one click
  • Feature to create data structures by uploading existing files to the app
  • Ability to view and use various previously created assets as older “versions”
  • Development of the Admin Portal for the Hapi internal team
Phase III

Watch out this space for more exciting updates on Hapi Guest for Marketing Cloud App


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