How the need to edit and activate Automations lead to discovery of a novel API call for Hapi Cloud

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Hapi provides technical solutions for a multitude of hospitality giants. They set up the sales and marketing platforms on Salesforce for their clients. They wanted an all-encompassing app that will help their clients set up the basic wireframe of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, all with a few clicks.  While developing this app for Hapi, there was a need to create and modify automations with a click. This, though possible with the existing APIs, came with a very limited set of functionality 

The Hapi Guest for Marketing Cloud App is used to create Hapi assets in a client org with the click of a button. Automations consisting of multiple SQL activities also form a part of these assets. Since the app provides the users an option to update their data structure, there was a requirement of updating the automations as well. The current APIs that exist in Salesforce comes with the functionality of creating automations and modifying their names and their schedule. These functionalities, even though are extremely useful, come with limitations. The objective was to discover and design an API call that can enhance other aspects of the automations as well like the addition of new activities and modifying old activities in existing automation.  


This challenge of modifying the already existing automations was met by the developers at Genetrix Technology with open arms. An API call was developed that could not only add activities to existing automation but also modify the sequence of the steps and add activities to the specified steps. This addition to the current API call can now be used for various other solutions and functionality that will be a part of the Hapi Guest for Marketing Cloud App. 


Hapi was started in 2016 with the idea to revolutionize the hospitality industry. They provide end-to-end integration for their partners which helps them curate a 360-degree view of their guests. They provide time and cost-effective solutions which limit the dependence of hotels on different vendors and developers. Now, Hapi caters to the requirements of hundreds of hospitality and technology partners all over the world.   


Genetrix Technology

Genetrix Technology is a holistic Salesforce solutions provider. We provide services to clients from across industry verticals: non-profit, health-care, finance, retail, technology and life-sciences. Our expertise lies in cross-cloud services that help organizations enhance their business and expand their profits.


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